I will be giving a session at @drupalcampbe about #indieweb ! A gentle 101 intro about the mission, specs and what the #drupal module already supports. Spoiler: a lot!

The last time I was in Vienna, the room with the Breugel paintings was closed. The special exhibition now makes it all up for that moment! #breugel #vienna

So this box opens by solving the maze, really tricky geocache to sign! @GoGeocaching

New release for Indigenous includes saving notes, articles and replies as draft so you can publish them later! #indieweb

So I'm really thinking hard to write an application now .. #pissingalongthehighway

Want to update posts in your #drupal site with Indigenous ? Who doesn't ! :) The android client and #indieweb module has experimental support now for querying posts and then updating a single post.

The #Drupal #IndieWeb module is now able to send micropub requests to Aperture on incoming Webmentions to my site, which allows me to create a 'Notifications' channel. One step closer to killing the Twitter client!

Seriously, I'd like to see the lime color in the Tesla design studio. Pretty please @elonmusk ? ;-)

Indigenous is now publicly available on Google Play. Post easily to your site, or keep up with friends and interesting sites. More features coming soon, as well as to the #drupal module! #indieweb #social Google Play Store

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