6. Penguins can't talk // cc @tomgauld

Les Echelles de Rochehaut is a nice walk with some great views. And ladders of course :)

Drawing a self-portrait by looking into a spoon. Awesome painting by @evampatshi

Awesome turntable slipmats by Vincent Hocquet - If you know my left arm (the dots), he's also a great tattoo artist :)

Did another round of maintenance on Display Suite, and some patches for other contrib modules. If nothing critical comes up the next few days, I'll push a new release of DS as well. Thanks again to @dropsolid for the generous time!

Testing out the mask and cape for my upcoming mystery guest performance this weekend. I hope I can see my keys well on the piano :)

There's a lot of irony when trying to read that post #web30

Hey @sonniesedge ! Are the entries on with just a link supposed to reposts ? They show up empty in my reader (just the title). u-repost-of class on them would help :)

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