It's @drupaldevdays , that time when there's some activity again on IRC :) #drupal

Too much input sometimes with such big ears :)

Stel nu dat het land toch gesplitst zou worden, gaan we dan mogen kiezen of we Vlaming of Waal kunnen worden ? #Kies19

That moment when you add random tabs and colors to boring (and successful) drush logs.

Want asymmetric translations when using layout builder? is for you. Thanks @tedbow for the initial code and also the first PR! :) #drupal #translation // cc @dropsolid

#drupal core deciding not to support asymmetric translations initially in layout builder is quite painful in a lot of situations. Does anyone know of a sandbox/contrib module that supports this ? If not, I'll probably start writing this soon.

Display Suite is now #Drupal 9 ready thanks to Awesome tool for maintainers! Thanks again to @dropsolid for the generous time allowing me to work on this! Next up, making the #indieweb module Drupal 9 ready - a bit more work, damn :)

6. Penguins can't talk // cc @tomgauld
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