The #Drupal #IndieWeb module is now able to send micropub requests to Aperture on incoming Webmentions to my site, which allows me to create a 'Notifications' channel. One step closer to killing the Twitter client!

Seriously, I'd like to see the lime color in the Tesla design studio. Pretty please @elonmusk ? ;-)

Indigenous is now publicly available on Google Play. Post easily to your site, or keep up with friends and interesting sites. More features coming soon, as well as to the #drupal module! #indieweb #social Google Play Store

So Display Suite isn't fully compatible with layout builder in Drupal 8.6.x - working on a patch which solves most issues. Extra confirmation and further help always welcome at

Somebody attached a pie chart on our office wall regarding our profanity usage, including Mario Kart - close to reality I'd say

Sadly enough, no #IndieWeb session at @DrupalEurope - but that gives me more time to finish the Drupal module and Android client ;-)

Wanted: an application that calculates the most shady route between two points during the day. #heatwave #hittegolf (thank you Joke for the idea)

Last day of the Gentse Feesten - getting up at 5:30 and handing out delicious speculoos to the last (well, many) people standing at the vlasmarkt :) #GF18

Bah, fuck you france, pathetique (I still love you @yched though)
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