Indigenous now allows you to manage your channels and feeds from within the app itself! Coming in the next release soon, here's a video to get you excited :) #indieweb

No #IndieWeb session at @DrupalcampLDN sadly. But I'll do a BOF. Or simply talk to me if you're interested how to setup with Drupal :) There's also a HWC meetup the wednesday before, everyone is welcome there too of course!

I'll be talking about #indieweb at @mountaincampch - and afterwards throwing snowballs, looking forward! :)

Hey @HWCLondon - I'm in London February 27th until Sunday (for Drupalcamp). Do you think we could do a mini HWC on wednesday ? I'm Interested in learning experiences and opinions about Indigenous for Android - if anyone is using it of course :)

Thinking to go to @mountaincampch - any (Belgium) people I know who are going too ? #skifun

Started playing Pokemon Go again after 2 years, seems nicer now ! Still at newbie level, so if you have any spare gifts, here is my code :) 7825 6542 7880

Got a 3D maze for christmas. 100 steps to get there, this will be a long vacation :)

The Frank'n Me comic book by @EvaMpatshi is available to order now! Including a guest comic by me :) Send an e-mail to to get your copy!

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