There's a lot of irony when trying to read that post #web30

Hey @sonniesedge ! Are the entries on with just a link supposed to reposts ? They show up empty in my reader (just the title). u-repost-of class on them would help :)

Pushed a new release of Indigenous with the Checkin and Geocache post type. All info is passed as additional properties in the Geo URI. Oh, and I will fix the stupid spelling typo in a next release :) #indieweb

Idea for a new @gameofkittens extension: a heavy bass speaker box with a button which you hit when you draw the explosion card and plays a random explosion sound and vibrates the complete house so the neighbours will want to play along :)

Exploring posting geocaches with Indigenous, as a checkin with an additional new log type property. My favourite cache so far is in Scotland, take a look for yourself :) #indieweb

Pokemon hunting time! I mean, hello London :) Late to ask also, but is there a place where I could work a bit tomorrow? Pinging #drupal people, thanks!

It was only logical that after all my work on the Drupal #indieweb module I'd start working on an ActivityPub module as well no ? :) is alive, but still in its very infancy, don't expect anything from it yet. #activitypub

Indigenous is now available on F-Droid! Location is temporarily not available there, but will come back soon using microG libraries. I will also stop uploading builds to GitHub as you can use that repository now. #indieweb

Posted using Indigenous as a 'Note'