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2014 marks the beginning of a new company called eps & kaas which I cofounded with 3 other people. We're a digital agency, providing services ranging from mobile applications, websites, consultancy and design.

While you can still contact us (and me, from time to time) for Drupal development, my personal focus is now on Android and iOS development, but also different web technologies like Symfony or Ruby on Rails.

You can find us on the web, Twitter and Facebook. Drop us a note if you think we can help you!

So what about contributions ?

No, I'm not leaving Drupal. However, it's not going to the main technology anymore in my day-to-day work which is why I'm minimising my work on contributed modules: Display Suite is now in the hands of Bram 'aspilicious' Goffings, who has been a major contributor for the module since years. Most other projects have found a new maintainer, others are still waiting, maybe you're interested ?

I'm still around co-maintaining Field API for Drupal 8, or helping out in other areas that interest me, most notable the new configuration management system. We're slowly seeing the end of - yet another - long development cycle, hopefully marked with a release in june. The next big effort to get as many as bright minds together in one place is happening in March for the Drupal Developer Days in Szeged, Hungary. Anyone can help out in different ways: programming, reviewing, playing music, sponsoring plane/hotel tickets and so on.

Music and play

I've been writing songs since september for an album I want to get out this year - no release date yet. This is currently on hold as I need to rehearse songs to play with Last Exit To Loonville on the preselection of Humo's Rock Rally on the 25th of january in Gent. Tickets and more details are on the site of the Vooruit where the event is taking place. So, 8 years after my first appearance on Belgium's biggest rock talent event and more or less the last time I've been on a big stage, I'm back. What a great feeling that will be.

And, as if this year isn't going to be busy enough, I've started writing a play. The goal is to get it performed somewhere in october, so there's still some six months to finish the script. The main characters are alive in my head, the plot is as good as ready; if you're into a bit of absurdness and feel like Mark Everett and the theories of his dad are interesting topics, you'll want to attend this!

I'm sure 2014 is going to be a fantastic year, let it be a great one for you too!

It's time to create an album

There was a time that I was a tiny rock star. At least in Gent. I played in a band, we even made into Humo's Rock Rally once, but got friendly declined to enter the next round. Then, real life starts and you forget a rehearsal or two, ending up alone again in your room. Just like you were 14 again, practicing chords on your first guitar. Nothing is wrong with that, but one piece is missing: an album.

From today on, I'm taking some months off from working professionally and will start recording songs and try and create my first album. And by the time it's released, I can start a new career. Simple plan right ?

Life after work

I'll be scheduling my time in a practical way so I've got time to help landing the remaining big patches for Drupal 8, together with the awesome Field API team. So don't worry, you will still see me in the queue. I might just paste some partial lyrics. And you'll find me at DrupalCon Prague where I'll be at the core sprints, probably trying out songs now and then while hacking.

Apart from that, I'll be travelling a lot, chilling in the garden reading books that have been waiting for me since ages or following some courses on Coursera. Life is just going to be extremely sweet the next following months.

For now, quoting one my best friends: rock on!



Ditch my guitar ?

I was planning to buy a new guitar this month(*), but after seeing Notwist this weekend at the Cactusfestival, I should maybe consider buying a Wii and see if I can also create sounds just like Martin Gretschmann. It's funny to see him control his sequencers with his 2 Wii remotes, although I would like to see a picture from stage to really confirm that he isn't playing tennis .. I currently have 2 remotes at home, so the next nerd night I'd like to try and install drivers to control something on my Mac (yeah, don't bash) .. As expected, Cactus this sunday really was great and as usual with very nice art in the park.

(*) instead I had to come up with a financial plan because I completely forgot that changing jobs is a disaster in july when payday arrives - and if you rely on that fact when ordering a lot of stuff with your visa card .. :)


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Battling my brain

I don't get excited a lot about music nowadays, but I feel it's my moral duty to spread the word around about Battles. The band is not a completely new kid on the block, I already knew the singles Atlas and Tonto, but never heard a full album since this week, which is a real shame. It's not the easiest music to grasp, in fact, I'm pretty sure a lot of people won't even make it to the half of one song when listening, but if you do, I promise your brain will be thankful eternally for the new musical experience. And otherwise, stick with established values like Sonic Youth, their new album The eternal really is a blast! But first, go watch the video of Atlas and if you make it through that and want more, Tonto is your next step.




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