When looking at my resolutions for 2009, I noticed nothing happened yet. But it has been a very interesting year so far and we still have 3 months to go. I can at least predict the concert of the Pixies within 2 weeks will be on the list of highlights for 2009.

Travel: I visited Washington, New York, Paris, London, Paris, Bristol and Norwhich and I probably forget some smallish places. 2 places involved Drupal conferences which might not sound so exciting for most people, but for me it's the right time to get my batteries reloaded. However, I'm getting used to leave my laptop behind now too, equally refreshing.

Coding: there are times I can really profoundly hate what I'm doing, but after a few hours of hacking, mostly during the weekend, my passion is cracking me up. We also had a few good ideas at work which resulted in the release of ND, not fully done yet, but we're getting there. And last but not least, I got to work on the new site of StuBru - but all I got was an unsigned 'lijveken'.

Personal: with all the stuff going on, I can only say I became a few years older in my mind, say 23 ;)

So for 2010, I wouldn't mind if I can't fulfill one of my resolutions.



Node displays beta 2 out

We're proud to anounce beta 2 of Node displays, born out of a long code sprint which was called DrupalconParis :)
Main features in this release are:

  • Custom fields via de UI
  • Default node region css
  • More usability changes
  • Tests!

A full list of changes is available on the release page. We also created another screencast with a much nicer theme so you have a better visual of the module. In the meantime, we'll start working on beta 3!


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September is here, I'm on holiday

This is going to be a short post, because, well, I'm on holiday :) I'm currently in Paris for my fifth DrupalCon, pretty amazing, mostly hacking the time away during the day. I'll be back on sunday for another two lazy weeks with some small trips now and then .. aah life can be great! Till then, santé!

And for my buddies at work, here's a great picture, I'm sure you'll understand :)


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Introducing the Node displays module

In a previous post, I talked about pimping the CCK ui. In that post a first patch was made available for CCK, however after a long debate, we decided to commit our code as a separate module on d.o, available at After a very short development cycle, we're proud to release the first public beta version. Features included are:

  • Separated the UI for fields and displays: the order of fields isn't done anymore on the fields overview screen, they are now available on the display screen for every build mode. If you want control over the node edit form, I recommend the excellent nodeform columns module.
  • Node regions: every field can be dropped in its own region.
  • Custom build modes: that's right, create as many build modes you like via the interface or via hook_nd_build_modes().
  • Views row plugin: create lists and use one of the standard or custom build modes.
  • hook_nd_extra_display_fields(): define custom fields. The module itself defines title, author, links, body and taxonomy so far. You can implement your own hook for more fields.
  • Exclude build modes from rendering and use the node template instead.
  • Override core search results page to use node display rendering.

As you can see, lots of fine goodies, but a screencast will explain more than a thousands words. Look at this video to discover the power of this module. We also would like to invite you all to test the beta version and submit bugs, features and/or patches. Happy Node Build Mode building!

The search for Banksy

Just got back from 3 days visiting Bristol, especially for the Banksy vs Bristol Museum exhibition. There is one room fully dedicated to his work, but the museum also gave him the freedom to alter pieces from the permanent collection. The effect is that you simply keep on searching every room for his work, very entertaining and sometimes extremely funny. More info on, you still have time untill the 31st of august, definitely worth a visit! Another interesting fact is that you can actually go out on the streets and start searching for the still remaining graffiti pieces from Banksy on the walls or amaze yourself at the art from other artists, which are really astonishing most of the time ..


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