Tagged a new release for the ActivityPub module fixing a few bugs, but also handling a 'Move', since everyone is still finding out there best place on the Fediverse. https://www.drupal.org/project/activitypub/releases/1.0.0-alpha15

Wondering also whether #Drupal people would move to a service which is powered by the Drupal module? Fair warning: the current implementation still needs a lot of work to get there though :)


Ok, I know strict comparison is usually safer, but this, really PHP .. ?!

$value = 0;
if ($value == 'isNull') print 'I am null';


Ok, alles vollen bak vandaag voor de #tijdloze op #stubru. Maar laten we collectief afspreken om radiostilte te doen tijdens diene ene vreselijke cover waarvan ik de naam niet uitspreek. U weet wel dewelke .. ;)