Stunning views at El Torcal! #andalusia #drone

Ok, a video of a squirrel getting nuts is much more fun!

Side note: It also means the Drupal ActivityPub module can now attach videos as well :)

My view this working week is watching squirrels eating nuts all day. Fair to say I'm less productive, but somehow I don't really mind :) #scotland

Pro PHP Guzzle tip: if you need to send a file resource, don't pass in 'Content-Type: multipart/form-data' yourself in the headers. You've just won a couple of hours of your life.

Ok, I know strict comparison is usually safer, but this, really PHP .. ?!

$value = 0;
if ($value == 'isNull') print 'I am null';

Ok, the git hash is happy as well with that commit :)

Eva wrote and illustrated a comic book, which will be released in December! Sneak peeks and pre-order available here: Oh, and yeah, I'm in there too :) // cc @evampatshi

Thousands of puffins! (and some other birds too) #skomerisland #wales

If nobody queues for the picture, would I be on the photo or not? #snowdon #wales