Ok, a video of a squirrel getting nuts is much more fun!

Side note: It also means the Drupal ActivityPub module can now attach videos as well :)

My view this working week is watching squirrels eating nuts all day. Fair to say I'm less productive, but somehow I don't really mind :) #scotland

Pro PHP Guzzle tip: if you need to send a file resource, don't pass in 'Content-Type: multipart/form-data' yourself in the headers. You've just won a couple of hours of your life.

Created a Drupal module to post content (nodes) to the Nostr network: - Very experimental, but the post was sent to relay wss:// in case you don't see it yet in your client.

I had Nostr on my radar for a while, but didn't know anyone on there. With Dries and Wim Leers joining, I'm finally trying it out now. If you want to follow me there, this is my public key: npub1z8n2zt0vzkefhrhpf60face4wwq2nx87sz7wlgcvuk4adddkkycqknzjk5

Tagged a new release for the ActivityPub module fixing a few bugs, but also handling a 'Move', since everyone is still finding out there best place on the Fediverse.

Wondering also whether #Drupal people would move to a service which is powered by the Drupal module? Fair warning: the current implementation still needs a lot of work to get there though :)

Pushed a new release for the Drupal ActivityPub module fixing a bunch of issues since y'all now became so active the last two weeks :)

Even though it's alpha, it has an upgrade path as my instance needed the updates. Please check the release notes in case you upgrade too!

Ok, I know strict comparison is usually safer, but this, really PHP .. ?!

$value = 0;
if ($value == 'isNull') print 'I am null';

Also, if anyone is interested in talking about ActivityPub for Drupal, I have a room on Matrix: - Yes, I still refuse to use Slack :)

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