Not really waiting for a #corona app. I just want to receive a BE-alert that goes something like

- Marc

I finally wrote the best thing ever: Indigenous detects if there are videos in a feed and then you can toggle a video wall. I can now watch @schmarty 's eternal Caturday all day long in loop, full screen! :) #indieweb #cats

Ok, this Bingo game seems like fun, even for adults :) Download, print and go walking! :) #blijfinuwkot

Started working on Indigenous Desktop, because, well why not :) Currently connects anonymously like the Android version. Written using Electron, so will be available for all platforms! #indieweb

New toys, woohoow!

I'll be fine for 2 days.

Or five.

Okay okay, at least a week.

Made both Layout Builder Lock and Asymmetric Translation #Drupal 9 compatible, thanks @dropsolid! Will be working on Display Suite for D9 in the next few weeks, if other people or companies want to sponsor, drop me a line!

Just pushed a release of Indigenous which now comes with a built-in anonymous account. The reader has some default channels and you can even change the endpoints without having the need of an IndieAuth enabled site! #indieweb

It's raining toilet paper! Awesome video by Olivier Antignac, Belgium VFX artist - - posted with his permission. #toiletpaper

Noticed I'm sending more mails than usual to friends, slow conversation is still great. I don't use WhatsApp/Slack/.., but you can reach me on Signal which can be your SMS/Phone app on Android at the same time.

Also: could this trigger the Great Return to IRC for Drupal ;)

Posted using Indigenous as a 'Note'