Looking for sponsored open source (Drupal) work, more information at So long @dropsolid and thanks for all the issues :) #drupal #maintenance

Ramkot! The perfect opener for a new festival since ages :) #zeverrock #stonerrockrules

Human whirlwind during the Danst show, shot with my drone. To be fair, bit lucky as I had no clue what was going to happen :)

OH: "On your funeral, my speech will be about all the Drupal modules you have written in your lifetime."

Note: I'm fine, don't worry :)

If you like stories about books and cats with a bit of magic realism, "The Cat that Saved Books" by Sosuke Natsuwaka is a real treat!

Tagged a first release of the Localization quick links module for Drupal. Heavily inspired by Localization client but a different project for a few reasons. Many credits to @gaborhojtsy! Have fun translating! :)

I have a ton of suggestions to add to the message screen in Mario Kart on the Nintendo Switch, but I'm fairly sure they won't be accepted. That said, if you want to race against me, send me a message with your friend code :)

Ok dan, kunnen we afspreken dat covers niet meer mogen meetellen vanaf volgend jaar? #tijdloze

Currently writing and testing a new Drupal project/theme which adds a reader on your site and install as a PWA on your tablet or phone. It integrates with #activitypub and #indieweb so no need anymore for an external client. Just host it all yourself!

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