Big mural on our neighbor's house by @evampatshi. She's always interested in other walls, so let us know! :)

Started testing the ActivityPub module for Drupal on my site. Discovery of accounts on Mastodon works, now to figure out if I can start posting! :) #drupal #activitypub

Even though I still have many seasons to watch, Bob Ross' "Golden Rays of Sunshine" (Season 28 Episode 4) will probably remain my favorite painting. It even has a 9.6 rating on IMDB! :)

Uploaded my first piano bagetelle on MuseScore - note, I'm neither a pro MuseScore user nor a good piano player (yet), but I had massive fun! :)

It was pretty windy today at the beach :)

Setting up time slots for people to visit me on my birthday this year, will be fun! Also, this year I just want a t-shirt with something that is related to 42: the actual number, bananas, your picture all over place .. go wild :)

Small excerpt from Spring by Ali Smith (in dutch). Her writing style is refreshing, highly recommended - also for my English friends, the way she captures Brexit is amazing.

Frank'n me sticker pack yay! :)

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