So with Twitter going down the drain, maybe more people will install the ActivityPub module on their Drupal site now. Check if you're on the Fediverse ;) #drupal #shamelesspromotion

Ok, the git hash is happy as well with that commit :)
Pity to lose the last good tool to try and convert people step by step to (secure) messaging away from the big players. @signalapp just becomes yet another E2EE messenger out there which will slowly fade away in time.

Eva wrote and illustrated a comic book, which will be released in December! Sneak peeks and pre-order available here: Oh, and yeah, I'm in there too :) // cc @evampatshi

Out of social life reply set: currently playing If someone needs me the next few days, well, sorry :) #ReturnToMonkeyIsland

Thousands of puffins! (and some other birds too) #skomerisland #wales

If nobody queues for the picture, would I be on the photo or not? #snowdon #wales

Stuck on one piece which has the wrong orientation. I like imperfection, especially since I'm trying to solve this one for 3 years now ..
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