Pushed a release of Indigenous for Android adding support for Mastodon, Pleroma and Pixelfed - install links on Note: F-Droid might take a few more days. Video demonstrating Pixelfed at #indieweb #fediverse

It was pretty windy today at the beach :)

Setting up time slots for people to visit me on my birthday this year, will be fun! Also, this year I just want a t-shirt with something that is related to 42: the actual number, bananas, your picture all over place .. go wild :)

Small excerpt from Spring by Ali Smith (in dutch). Her writing style is refreshing, highly recommended - also for my English friends, the way she captures Brexit is amazing.

Frank'n me sticker pack yay! :)

Hugely impressed with scrcpy, now I can at least keep on playing Wordfeud :) See

(I do hope that my screen comes back though at some point after dropping my phone this morning)

Hard to see, but I'm smiling as I got my own personalized Android mask :)

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