Out of social life reply set: currently playing If someone needs me the next few days, well, sorry :) #ReturnToMonkeyIsland

Thousands of puffins! (and some other birds too) #skomerisland #wales

If nobody queues for the picture, would I be on the photo or not? #snowdon #wales

Stuck on one piece which has the wrong orientation. I like imperfection, especially since I'm trying to solve this one for 3 years now ..

I'm still not sure whether it is an april fools' joke, but if true, then this is just awesome, a new Monkey Island!

Staying on Isle of Skye this week, hard to beat a view like this ..

Without a doubt the best site I've created so far in my career: Sheep everywhere! :) #parkbos

Ok, alles vollen bak vandaag voor de #tijdloze op #stubru. Maar laten we collectief afspreken om radiostilte te doen tijdens diene ene vreselijke cover waarvan ik de naam niet uitspreek. U weet wel dewelke .. ;)

Morning walk with the sheep :) #parkbos
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