The #IndieWeb module for #drupal now contains all major building blocks internally. No need to rely on external services anymore! (except for AP and WebSub, but coming soon). Will start stabilizing now to get to a first RC - although one painful update might still be needed (including for myself)

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The last time I was in Vienna, the room with the Breugel paintings was closed. The special exhibition now makes it all up for that moment! #breugel #vienna

So this box opens by solving the maze, really tricky geocache to sign! @GoGeocaching

Somebody attached a pie chart on our office wall regarding our profanity usage, including Mario Kart - close to reality I'd say

Wanted: an application that calculates the most shady route between two points during the day. #heatwave #hittegolf (thank you Joke for the idea)

So my colleagues thought that a pyramid of penny wafers is an acceptable birthday gift .. them bastards!

Just turned 40, in total silence, with a full moon on Isle of Skye. Best fucking day of my life.

Pity to hear that Steak Number Eight is retiring. Great band, and not afraid to shoot dark, yet funny clips. is great to watch, especially if you know Gent a bit :)

Finished the #PlanetaryPursuit with a view on the cliffs in Senneville. Amazing view with Fecamp at the tip .. #Normandie

First tryout with led lights on the wings of my #drone and long exposure at night .. need to work on flying in nice patterns now :)