An interesting way to test the upcoming release of #Drupal is to have a contrib test configured which tests against the prerelease. Yesterday @alexpott found a regression thanks to the #indieweb tests :)

What happened? Did a country change its timezone? Have we found external life? Will I get client emails with dates being printed wrong?! #dontpanic

Long shot, but is there a place during @DrupalConEur where people without ticket come together and can get some work done? I'm in Amsterdam that time, but not going to the event itself - or can I sneak into the sprint room ? :)

The coo now has a companion friend and they already like each other too. Thank you Judy :) #scottishswearinganimals

Fixed some incompatibilities between DS and Field Group. Drag and drop still acts weird, where I think it might be a core JS problem (especially with setting the 'parent'). Could use some eyes on #drupal

Doing some maintenance for Field Group on the 8.x-3.x branch. Thanks again to @dropsolid - would be great though if I could get to 2 days in a month, so if anyone else wants to sponsor, let me know! #drupal

How about a #drupal meetup at the Gentse Feesten, 20th of July? Might be crowdy, but everyone has sunday to relax :) // cc @drupalbe

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