Enlightenmentness: "That moment when you come home from work and realize there's still light outside." In case there's a real word for it, I'd really like to know, otherwise, I'm claiming this one :)

Promoted Layout Builder Lock to a full project allowing administrators to lock sections from being edited/moved/deleted in overrides. Component support will be added later. see #drupal

The new coin slide machines in the arcade place now spit out tickets. And the other one eats it up again. (also, Indigenous can now upload video and audio #indieweb)

The Drupal IndieWeb module now has an awesome logo! Thanks @grienauer!

The Drupal IndieWeb module now supports contacts so clients like Indigenous can query the micropub contact endpoint and use those as suggestions when creating posts! // cc @dshanske @jackyalcine @aaronpk @dries

The Contrib Gardener - #drupalmovies

Display Suite's 8.x-4.x branch is now fully compatible with Drupal 9! Important: this branch will not work on D8 as we're removing deprecated features in DS. Thanks @dropsolid for the time! #d9readiness

I'm so suprised nobody has written a WebSub module for Drupal 8. Guess I'll have another little project on my sleeve :) I'll include it as a submodule in the IndieWeb package as I want to keep it very minimal. #indieweb

An interesting way to test the upcoming release of #Drupal is to have a contrib test configured which tests against the prerelease. Yesterday @alexpott found a regression thanks to the #indieweb tests :)

What happened? Did a country change its timezone? Have we found external life? Will I get client emails with dates being printed wrong?! #dontpanic

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