Human towers

This morning in Barcelona, we went to the Plaça Sant Jaume to see the human towers also called Castell. A group of people try to build a tower and is considered a success if nobody falls during this event. The first one collapsed, but the others formed a perfect tower. Anyway, heading home this evening, let's hope the next DrupalCon is also in a city where at the same time a local festivity is going on!

Bluetooth baby!

I think a lot of people consider me as an advanced and up-to-date-with-the-new-tech-stuff guy. But I don't have a GPS in my car, I rather rely on good old map reading - off course, when the first commercial Openmoko is out, it's mine! Another - and allready quite old - technology is bluetooth. I don't have bluetooth capability at home, nor at work on my desktop - not that I really miss it. But here at Drupalcon, I have a laptop from work with bluetooth on it. So, during lunch today, I started experimenting with packages on Ubuntu to try and get photos, I took the last 2 days with my phone, onto the computer. apt-get install gnome-bluetooth and voila, I can finally select a picture on my gizmo, say 'send via bluetooth' and receive pictures on my laptop.


I never had such a bumpy descent in an airplane as today. First time I saw lighting so close and minutes before the captain assured us that the temperature was around 23°. It didn't really felt that way looking outside the little window. Turned out he was right of course, but it's less hot than last year when we were here at Constantijns wedding. It looks like I might sleep quite alright today! And be fit to join the Drupalcon tomorrow in Barcelona - altough I'm looking more forward to watch the game of Barcelona against Lyon wednesday-evening with a few cervezas!

New office

Today we moved to a completely new office in Drongen. The absolutely con I had for this move was that we lost the insane connection we had thanks to our link on the Ugent backbone at the old office. There are many pro's though. The building itself is absolutely cool and in some way we'll bond more with our colleagues (I know this sounds corny), because we are packed with developers and designers in one big room. And we are still waiting for our wii to arrive too, so fun times ahead!

Also work related: I'm having an issue with an ssh-configuration where I want to turn of rootlogin (duh) unless our remote server gets an rsync command. I've followed a lot of tutorials allready but somehow I can't seem to get it working. If anyone has *the* tutorial about this, please let me know - I allready know it involves public keys and command validation on the remote server. Thanks. And now on the weekend!


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While driving between Sint-Niklaas and Mechelen yesterday, we stumbled upon a road sign which said 'Buitenland' (foreign country). At first, I thought this was a joke, because I didn't know there was a town in Belgium named after that. I can imagine the conversations going on between someone actually living there and someone not knowing about this. I wouldn't believe it untill I'd see the passport, but then again, the address isn't mentioned on the new electronic passports if remember correctly - haven't got mine yet. Anyway, I'd love to live there one day! I guess in the excitement of this sign we somehow missed the junction to Mechelen - I really should consider buying a GPS in my car - and ended up on the A12 untill we saw the Atomium. Luckily we still were on time to see the last concert of the Crab Four on Maanrock in Mechelen, the best one I've seen till now. Rumours are they might come back but with a completely new set, but you haven't heard this from me ok?


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