Hack Drupal core!

No better title to get everyone's attention - well, any Drupal developer out there who once pledged never to touch any code of core when running sites in production. I used to be one of them, but I stepped over to the Dark side recently.

Views random seed

Guilty as charged: I didn't really do much work on PM during the conference, but I ended up releasing a new version of Nodes in block and a new module called Views random seed for views 2. The module adds a random order handler with seed. If a constant integer argument N is specified in the sql RAND() function, it is used as the seed value, which produces a repeatable sequence of column values. This makes it possible to have paging and not having items show up twice.

Enabling boost on a production site

This is not going to be a tutorial on how to install and configure boost on a Drupal installation. No, I'm here to tell you a funny story and to remind myself a frustrating debugging session we had this friday trying to install the module. For those who don't know boost yet: when enabled, the module will create html files for every page on your site and with a little help of some htaccess rules, you can bypass a complete Drupal bootstrap for anonymous users. So far, so good.


This saturday I attended a show of Ter bescherming van de jeugd, some fine new Belgian cabaret. If you haven't seen them yet, be sure to catch them when they perform somewhere in your neighbourhood. Dries and Tim did a hell of a performance, but one thing that hunted me for two days was the name of a song they hilariously adapted to 'Niemand' - everyone remember the growing madness in Dries' laughter while playing on his contrabass ? I knew I heared it before but couldn't put my finger on it. Untill now.

Wrap-up of the weekend

It's tuesday and I'm still a bit tired from the weekend. I came home late on friday evening after a day in Holland for a Dutch Drupal conference. Especially Yweyn's presentation about oss licences, with a focus on the differences between gpl2 and 3, was extremely interesting. One hour was not enough in my opinion, so I guess we'll have to ask him again one day.

On saturday, I had a birthday party together with 4 other friends. It was way cool to see some old friends again having a fun night. Some things I learned: