Wrap-up of the weekend

It's tuesday and I'm still a bit tired from the weekend. I came home late on friday evening after a day in Holland for a Dutch Drupal conference. Especially Yweyn's presentation about oss licences, with a focus on the differences between gpl2 and 3, was extremely interesting. One hour was not enough in my opinion, so I guess we'll have to ask him again one day.

On saturday, I had a birthday party together with 4 other friends. It was way cool to see some old friends again having a fun night. Some things I learned:

Drupal for dummies: taxonomy

It ain't easy to explain the concept of taxonomy to people. But after you watch the following video underneath, even little children should be able to setup taxonomy in Drupal. Long live Sesame Street!

Garfield minus garfield

Everybody knows the cat Garfield from the comic, they even made (horrible) movies about him. But what happens if we leave garfield out of the comic ? Quote from the site: the result is an even better comic about schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and the empty desperation of modern life. Especially this one is hilarious:

Drupal on lighttpd with clean urls made easy

Apache is and will be one of the best/popular webservers out there for years for most websites, but nowadays, when it comes to scalability, load, performance and speed, my first choice of webserver is lighttpd, also called lighty. It took me some months to create the perfect configuration for a Drupal site with a lot modules but I think I finally found it.