Hi, thanks for passing by!

I am looking for contract work, ideally 10 days per month. 2 projects of 5 days is fine too of course! The rest of my time for the next period (easily a half year) is to work on my piano skills, which you can read about here. I feel at best when working with Drupal (8), especially in the back end. A summary of my work in the Drupal project can be seen on my profile page on Other projects are available on GitHub. In general, PHP doesn't have that many surprises for me as it's been my main language for the last 20 years. I enjoy working on Android applications too, with a preference writing in native Java.

Some projects I worked on the last few years: and (Drupal 8), Pawshake (Drupal 7) and various projects for my own little company eps & kaas where I usually help out in the back end writing custom modules, integrating with external services and so on.

The ideal project? Working on my latest personal pet projects: IndieWeb for which I'm writing a Drupal module and Android Client called Indigenous. Helping out in the core or contrib queue, writing new features for distributions is high on the list as well. Or simply a very exciting project. I can be picky at times, but enthusiasm is key, and helps me delivering a better result in the end, which benefits everyone right ?

If you think we can help each other, let me know something on!