Looking for sponsored Drupal contrib work

Hi, thanks for passing by!

I am looking for one day per month sponsored open source work, specifically for maintaining Drupal contrib modules, but also sometimes fixing bugs for other contrib modules and Drupal core. The following list includes following extensions you might be using on a daily basis:

There are more projects that I maintain, but usually don't require that much attention. Every issue I work will be tagged with your company name so that you are credited for the work. You will also be listed as supporter for the project.

One day a month might seem not much, but make no mistake. It helps maintaining the issue queue, fixing bugs and releasing versions on a regularly basis. Of course, two days is even better :)

The last two years, Dropsolid was so kind to help me with this, but they decided to stop the contract. So long and thanks for all the issues :)

My daily rate is €550 a day, excl. tax. If you are interested, contact me at kristof@epsenkaas.be.